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yasuhanabi's Journal

11 April 1990
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I'm currently a college student and my major is Accounting. In my spare time I read manga/manhwa, watch Japanese/Korean dramas, eat, listen to Japanese/Korean/Taiwanese music, and study Japanese. My native language is English, but I also speak conversational Japanese. Most of my non-sales related posts will be friends-only, so if you want to see them, you'll have to friend me. よろしくお願いします~! At some point, I should probably start learning Korean, since I love so much Korean music, ahaha.

If your native language is not English and you would like to learn or study English, then I would be more than happy to help you. :D I also use facebook for the purpose of learning other languages and helping people with English. Just ask me! : )

I love to meet new people who share my interests, especially since I don't know many people in real life who share my interests, haha. So, if you think we have something in common, then friend me and/ or message me!