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Additional Selling Info

I'm not super interested in trades at the moment because I'm broke, but feel free to tell me if you have anything that I want. ^^; WANTED/TRADE LIST

If you don't request a hold and I don't hear from you for over 48 hours, then any items that you expressed interest in will offered to the next person
I will hold items for up t two weeks pon request. If you decide that you don't want an item that I've placed on hold for you, then PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Also, if you inquire about an item and decide that you don't want it, then PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

If you have any questions or would like for me to take additional pictures, the please ask!

All manga is in English except for vol. 4 of Chi's Sweet Home and soko ni anata ga iru kara (そこにあなたがいるから).

Prices are as listed, but all reasonable offers will be considered. :

Prices are in USD. Shipping is not included in the cost unless otherwise stated. I would prefer to ship books through USPS media mail (because it is cheap), but I am willing to ship first class. priority, or express if you're willing to pay for it. I can usually get 5 to 6 books in a priority flat rate bubble mailer for $5.50. For a shipping estimate, please tell me your zip code (if in the USA). If you want delivery confirmation ($0.85) or insurance (price varies), you can get it but you will have to pay for it. If you do get delivery confirmation, then I will message you the tracking number within 24 hours of mailing, usually sooner (as soon as I get to my home computer).

While I prefer to ship within the United States, I will ship worldwide. Please be aware that shipping prices tend to be super high when mailing books overseas (due to their weight).

I am not responsible if your package is lost in the mail. I keep all receipts from the post office for proof that I mailed the package until you tell me that the package has been received. I will email you a copy of the receipt upon request. ^^

My email i sorairoyume@gmail.com  You can contact me through livejournal message, commenting on any of my posts, or by emailing me.

I will only use PayPal for payment.

I will ship packages out within a week of payment. I used to ship packages out within 1-2 days, but because of real life, this isn't always possible. ^^; I typically ship on Friday or Saturday, so if you order something from me in the beginning of the week or over the weekend, I may not be able to ship your package out for almost a week. If I have a lot of packages, I do sometimes make a trip to the PO in the middle of the week. I can guarantee that all packages WILL be shipped out within a week of receiving payment.

I live in smoke-free ome and am very sensitive to allergens and smells. I live with a rabbit, but he never goes anywhere near any of my stuff. ^^
minho, SHINee, 2012


Please leave all feedback here!  I would appreciate it if you would put first comment with "positive," "neutral," or "negative," and then feel free to elaborate on communication, whether or not you would buy from me again, whether or not you would recommend me to others, and any suggestions for what I could improve on in your comment. THANK YOU~!

Livejournal feedback (see below for details):
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eBay feedback (click >here<)
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Will possibly trade for...


Note: At the moment, I'm only looking for things listed explicitly on this list. Also, I will only do trades at the moment, as I don't really have money to outright buy anything for the time being. ^^; You can still ask me if I want to buy something, but the answer will most likely be "no."
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Games + CDs + DVDs to be sold!

Note: All CDs come with all original inserts and are official releases. I can take additional pictures upon request. I can also romanize and translate the tracklist into English upon request. Ask me if you have any questions about the condition! I am willing to ship CDs overseas, but postage will have to be calculated. Within the US, I automatically ship first class if you buy one CD or priority flat rate if you buy more than one.


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Goods to be sold!

PRICES LOWERED!!! 2012.11.20

Super Junior - BONAMANA folded album poster - $6.50 shipped in the US. PIC1 PIC2

HUGE JYJ poster; Dimensions 61.5cm by 81.5cm. This poster came to me folded and still has fold marks as seen in the pictures. $6.00 shipped in the US/ $13 shipped worldwide.

Psycho le Cemu 2003 Tour pamphlet - $20.00 shipped in the US PIC

PopJNeo English magazine featuring Sugizo and Japanese culture. - $35.00 shipped in the US. EXTREMELY RARE!  Table of Contents

Arena 37 magazine (Includes 2 folded unused double-sided posters featuring Keita Tachibana, TM Revolution, and Alice Nine !) - January 2007 COVER TOC TOC2 Poster1SideA Poster1SideB  Poster2SideA  Poster2SideB

Death Note deco sticker - $4.25 shipped in the US. PIC

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Manga/ Manhwa Sale!!!

Originally posted by yasuhanabi at Manga/ Manhwa Sale!!!
Hello! I have A LOT of manga that I would like to sell in order to make some money and free up some space on my bookshelves. 

If you have any questions or would like for me to take additional pictures, then please ask!

Prices are as listed.

Prices are in USD. Shipping is not included in the cost. I would prefer to ship books through USPS media mail (because it is cheap), but I am willing to ship first class if you're willing to pay for it. For a shipping estimate, please tell me your zip code.

I will only ship within the United States.

My email is sorairoyume@gmail.com

I would like to use paypal for payment.

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