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Manga/ Manhwa Sale!!!
minho, SHINee, 2012
Originally posted by yasuhanabi at Manga/ Manhwa Sale!!!
Hello! I have A LOT of manga that I would like to sell in order to make some money and free up some space on my bookshelves. 

If you have any questions or would like for me to take additional pictures, then please ask!

Prices are as listed.

Prices are in USD. Shipping is not included in the cost. I would prefer to ship books through USPS media mail (because it is cheap), but I am willing to ship first class if you're willing to pay for it. For a shipping estimate, please tell me your zip code.

I will only ship within the United States.

My email is

I would like to use paypal for payment.

I live in a non-smoking home.

This is the manga I have:

Baby & Me by Marimo Ragawa [vols 1 and 2] - $4.50 each or $8.00 for both of them

Beauty is the Beast by Tomo Matsumoto [complete - 5 books total] - 4.50 each or $20.00 for all 5.
Bird Kiss by Eun Ah Park [vol 3] - $4.00

Ceres, Celestial Legend by Yuu Watase [vol 8] - $4.00
Diabolo by Kei Kusunoki and Kaoru Ohashi [complete - 3 books total] - $4.00 each or $10.00 for all three.
D.N.Angel by Yukiru Sugisaki [vols 1 through 11] - $38 for all eleven, $4.00 each, or $7.50 for any two.
Dragon Head by Minetaro Mochizuki [vols 1 and 2] - $4.50 each or $8.00 for both
Good Luck by E-Jin Kang [vols 1 through 4 + vol 3. Vol 3 is damaged, but readable and will be given away free to anyone who asks (you still pay shipping)] - Vols 1, 2, and 4 are $4.00 each or $10.00 for all three.
Hands Off! by Kasane Katsumoto [complete 8 books total] AND Hands Off! Don't Call Us Angels [vol 1] - $4.50 each or $8.00 for any two.
High School Debut by Kazune Kawahara [vols 1 through 8] - $4.50 each or $8.00 for any two.
Invisible Boy by Hotaru Odagiri [complete (on hiatus) - 2 books total] - $6.50 each or $12.00 for both.

Kare First Love by Kaho Miyasaka [complete - 10 books total] - $4.50 each or $8.00 for any two.
Land of the Blindfolded by Sakura Tsukuba [complete - 9 books total] - $4.00 each or $10.00 for any three.
Millennium Snow by Bisco Hatori [complete (on hiatus) - 2 books total] - $4.50 each or $8.00 for both.
Nabi the Prototype by Yeon-Joo Kim [complete - single volume] - $3.00 (upper right corner bent as shown in picture).
One Thousand and One Nights by Han SeungHee and Jeon JinSeok [vols 1 through 5] - $5.50 each, $10.00 for any two, or $22.00 for all five.
Oyayubihime Infinity by Toru Fujieda [vols 2 and 3] - $4.50 each or $8.00 for both.
Penguin Revolution by Sakura Tsukuba [complete - 7 books total] - $4.50 each or $8.00 for any two.
Shirahime Syo by CLAMP [complete single volume hardcover] - $9.00
Suki: A Like Story by CLAMP [complete series - 3 books total] - vol 1 is $3.50 and vols 2 & 3 are $5.00 each. Or it's $11.00 for all three.
Train Man by Machiko Ocha [complete - single volume] - $4.50
Tramps Like Us by Yayoi Ogawa [vol 5] - $4.00 
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I am interested in Good Luck vol. 1-2, 4. how much it would be shipping to 93638?

Good Luck 1, 2, and 4 + shipping would come to $12.41 ($10 for the books and $2.41 for shipping.) Is that ok? ^^

Great! I wonder how many days u will to hold?

I will hold until Tuesday, August 23rd (~2 weeks). As soon as you're ready to pay, you can either message me on here or email me ( and I will give you my paypal info. :D

Perfectly!! My payday will be on next week on Thursday. Sure I will message you when I am ready!

Is the Shirahime Syo the hardcover color edition for sure then? I would be interested! I would also be interested in Penguin Revolution 6 & 7. How much to 50401?

The hardcover of Shirahime Syo and Penguin Revolution 6 & 7 + shipping would come to $19.82 ($9 for Shirahime Syo, $8 for Penguin Revolution 6 &7, and $2.82 for postage.) Is that ok? :D

hello, i'm interested in invisible boy. but i see the price is different from garagesalejapan *blushes*

do you ship to indonesia?

thank you

Hello! I sell for whatever my most recent price is. ^^ I haven't shipped to Indonesia before, but I am willing to ship there. To ship both books, it would cost $13.95 for the cheapest way. That would make the total $23.95 ($10.00 for the books and $13.95 for shipping). I know shipping is expensive, but this is the cheapest way from the USA. u_u

it's killing both buyer and seller apparently u-u

but yes, i'm interested. i wonder if i can get it for 20? *tough luck but i'll try anyway* :D

i'll take them, so could you please let me know the method of payment? and the books are in good condition?


Yeah, haha.

How about $22? :D

I always use PayPal for payment. ^^ The condition is very good since I bought both books new a few years ago. The cover jackets have a bit of minor shelf wear, but that's it. Also, there are no strange smells on the books since no one in my house smokes and the only pet I have is a rabbit who doesn't go anywhere near my books. XD

My paypal address is:

aha. your message notification came #22 in my inbox and i got usd22 from you.

i just created my paypal account and still waiting for the activation code to be sent to my statement. or do you have ebay account so i can just pay you with my credit card?

ahaha I can wait...I do have an ebay account, but I'm not exactly sure how you could pay be through ebay since I've never done that before. XD

ok, i will let you know soon after i get the code sent to my statement :D


i've sent my payment via paypal, as i just got my statement today. please check :D

I received payment! I'll ship out your package tomorrow! :D I'll tell you once I've mailed it out. ^^

Hi, I just edit my address in paypal. Cause there seem to be an odd way of coding my area, when i typed my address, the one appeared in my account address is different however times i edited it. frustrating :(

Could you please message me the address you send it first? I wont mind waiting as long as it's the right address :)

I can't see the changed address in Paypal, so could you message me your address on here or send it to my email ( ^^

I will send it to your email, then :D

I shipped your package today! :D Tell me when it arrives. :3

yeaay! can't wait!

thank you :)

Hi! Has your package arrived safely? If so, I would really appreciate it if you would leave feedback here. Thank you!

hi!! i haven't receive it yet. but i'm not surprised as usually it will come after 2 weeks or more ehm :( i used to bought from ebay also...

i will definitely post once i got it :)

thanks and you too please leave me feedback ok once i got it ^^ thanks!

It probably got slowed down with the holidays. Even domestic mail is the US gets pretty slow around the holidays. :-/ Thank you and I'll definitely leave you feedback once your package arrives! ^^

yep, that must be it, no worries. since it's a loong way to go from the US to my country. thanks for checking! ^^

I'm glad your books arrived safely! And thank you for leaving such positive feedback! X3

no problems! and could you please leave feedback for me here?

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