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Big Bang - Blue | BIG BANG IS BACK!!
minho, SHINee, 2012

If you guys haven't checked out Big Bang's Blue MV yet, you might want to. It's already gotten over 2 MILLION views in 1 day. 8D If the landscape in the MV looks familiar, that's because it was filmed in NYC. Actually, I'm positive it was filmed in Coney Island, Brooklyn since you can see the Cyclone in the background. Somehow, it makes me happy to know that they filmed somewhere where I've literally stood. :3 The cityscape makes me miss NYC even more than I already do when I'm not there.

I knew Big Bang's comeback was gonna be epic (especially since the song IS a product of GD and Teddy), but I honestly expected something a little more aggressive or "out there" from them. Even though the lyrics are sad and nostalgic, I can't help but to smile at the graceful, effortless melody. The song itself is simple, yet beautiful, just like the MV. I love it. There's nothing I would add to this song and nothing that I would take away. It really is perfect.

I really can't wait for the new mini album, especially since they're actually gonna promote ALL 6 SONGS AS TITLE TRACKS. Big Bang is back and better than ever. ♥



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