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Will possibly trade for...
minho, SHINee, 2012

Note: At the moment, I'm only looking for things listed explicitly on this list. Also, I will only do trades at the moment, as I don't really have money to outright buy anything for the time being. ^^; You can still ask me if I want to buy something, but the answer will most likely be "no."

Particularly interested in: Epik Hig

English Manga (This may be updated with more Korean manhwa later):

Alive: The Final Evolution by Tadashi Kawashima [vols. 7+]
Aria by Kozue Amano [vol 5]
Aqua by Kozue Amano [vols. 1 and 2]
Astral Project by Marginal [vols. 2+]
Bakuman by Tsugumi Ohiba and Takeshi Obata [vol. 1]
Bloody Monday by Ryou Ryumon and Kouji Megumi [vol 2+] [can be Kodansha USA or Chuang Yi English version)
Bride of the Water God by Mi-Kyung Yun [vols. 5+]
Emma by Kaoru Mori [vol. 2, 5+]
Il Gatto Sul G (Yaoi) by Tooko Miyagi [vol. 3]
Loveholic (Yaoi) by Toko Kawai [vol. 2]
Monster by Naoki Urasawa [vols. 4,5,8+]
Nodame Cantabile [vols. 9, 12, 13, and 16]
Not So Bad  by E.Hae [vol 2]
Parasyte (non flipped, thicker ed) by Hitoshi Iwaaki [I need to check the vols]
Seven Days: Monday - Thursday and Friday - Sunday (Yaoi) by Rihito Takarai and Venio Tachibana


Epik High - Map the Soul
Epik High - Epilogue
SHINee - Replay -君は僕のeverything- Japane Debut Premium Edition Single (CD + DVD)
f(x) - Hot Summer repackage
BoA - My name
BoA - No.1 (Korean album)
Big Bang - Big Bang 2 (Japanese album)
2NE1 - 1st mini album
5DOLLS - Mini Album Vol. 1
Brian Joo - Reborn Part 1
Gummy - Loveless
DBSK - Mirotic ver. C

DBSK - The Secret Code 2CD + DVD
JYJ - In Heaven
Kim Hyun Joong - Break Down
T-ara - Braking Heart (repackage)
DECO*27 - Anything will be considered

NEWS - color
U-KISS - Bran New Kiss
Base Ball Bear - Ban N ni Tsuite
Plastic Tree - Kimyou na Kajitsu: Strange Fruits
Plastic Tree 白盤 [Shiro Ban] (Greatest Hits)
Plastic Tree 黒盤 [Kuro Ban] (Greatest Hits)
Plastic Tree ゲシュタルト崩壊 (Gestalt Houkai) (Japan or Taiwan limited edition version)
Plastic Tree ドナドナ(Dona Dona) (Japan or Taiwan limited edition version)
Plastic Tree Ammonite (Japan or Taiwan limited edition version)

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(Deleted comment)
Hmm... I'm interested! ~how much would you be looking for including shipping to the US? ^^

(Deleted comment)
I can do that! Where can I send payment to? Also, what currency should I send it in? ^^

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Great! And yes, that address is mine. :D

(Deleted comment)
Great! That's perfect! Thank you~ :D :D

(Deleted comment)
Great! I'll let you know when it arrives. :D

I received the 2AM album!! It arrived in perfect condition~ :D Thank you~!! If there's anywhere you want me to leave feedback, just let me know. :3

(Deleted comment)
Hi. I thought to let you know I can help you get some of your wishlist. Aria v6, Aqua v2, Junjo Romantica v3, Missing v3. Let me know if you want my help. thanks

Hmm I could trade, but at the moment, I won't buy anything because my funds are low. xD

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