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Games + CDs + DVDs to be sold!
minho, SHINee, 2012
Note: All CDs come with all original inserts and are official releases. I can take additional pictures upon request. I can also romanize and translate the tracklist into English upon request. Ask me if you have any questions about the condition! I am willing to ship CDs overseas, but postage will have to be calculated. Within the US, I automatically ship first class if you buy one CD or priority flat rate if you buy more than one.


New Items Listed First In Blue! :D

Lux Pain (American Nintendo DS game) complete with game cartridge,  original instruction booklet, health and safety precautions booklet, and original case insert - $7 shipped in the US. Please ask for International shipping prices! ^^ PIC

Hamtaro A Ham-Ham Christmas! (DVD) Played twice, perfect condition, no scratches - $7 shipped in the US. Please ask for International shipping prices! ^^ PIC

Spiral Box set BOX ONLY (no DVD's) + 100 piece jigsaw puzzle. - $10.00 shipped in the US. This box will house the entire normal-sized-case DVD set PIC

LM.C - GIMMICAL IMPACT US edition with sticker - $9 shipped in the US. PIC

Dragon Ash - Independiente (Japanese release) - $8 shipped in the US
Includes CD Extra with MVs for Ivory, few lights till night, and 夢で逢えたら. Includes obi.

JPop CD (Tofu Records release) - $4.50 shipped in the US
There is a crack across the front of the case and on the left side of the CD tray as shown the pictures

JPop CD 2 (Tofu records release) - $7.00 shipped in the US
Lyric booklet is slightly bent in the upper right corner as shown in the picture. It's not creased; just slightly bent.

Keita Tachibana - 声 (koe) (Korean release) $9.00 hipped in the US
Includes Obi and guitar pick. Lyric booklet is in Japanese.

Koda Kumi - grow into one (Japanese release) - $10.00 shipped in the US
Includes obi

Miyavi - gagaku (Japanese release) - This is the original first edition released in 2002, NOT the reprint! - $24 shipped in the US.

Siam Shade - IV Zero (Japanese release) $12 shipped in the US. Includes obi.

T.M.Revolution - coordinate (Tofu Records American release) $4.00 shipped in the US
Lyrics in lyric booklet are in romaji Japanese. There is a crack where the CD goes in the case (along with a few missing teeth) as pictured above. CD will be shipped in a slim jewel case so as not to damage the disc

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Where do you ship from and what would be total for miyavi cd to 90007

I ship from Baltimore, Maryland, USA. The total would be $25.03 ($24 for the shipped CD + a $1.03 PayPal fee). Is that ok?

Hello, I was wondering if you were still interested in the miyavi CD? I'm just curious because I'll be going to the post office on Friday or Saturday. :o

Hello! Could you please tell me what is the condition of the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon DVD, if it has english subtitles, and how much it would be shipped to Slovenia, Europe? Thank you for your time!^^

Sorry, I already sold it! >__< But that you for inquiring! :)

Ahh that's too bad. Thanks for letting me know!

hello, I'm wondering if you by any chance do holds? if so for how long as I'm interested in Pokemon Black but at present I am money tight... thanks! (:

I will hold items for up to 2 weeks. ^^ Any idea how long you would need me to hold the game?

ahhh... would you mind me asking for a 3 week hold max? if not then I'll take the 2wk hold, please. ^^;;

I'll put it on hold until Monday the 18th and then if you haven't paid by then, we'll see. ^^ Is that ok?

that's perfectly fine, thanks a bunch! (:

(Deleted comment)
It's still available! I'll message you right now. ^^

Hi there! I'm sort of interested in Pokemon Black, but would you be willing to do $20 shipped? (I live in CA)

Hello! Yeah, I'm willing to do that. ^^

Oh awesome! I'll PM my paypal email. Could you send me an invoice?

I'm about to send you an invoice now :D

Just paid :)
Please let me know when you ship it out!

Payment received! I'll let you know when I ship it. :D

I mailed your game yesterday via First Class, so you should receive it shortly! :D

Just received it! Thanks a bunch :)

Would you mind giving me feedback here?

If you have a feedback page, let me know!

Will do!!

I have a feed back page here:

Thank you!! :D

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